AiCM Massage Therapy Certification Program familiarizes students with current massage techniques and procedures, teaches fundamentals of massage theory with practical application reinforcement.  Upon completion of this course, the student has achieved the academic and occupational skills to work in chiropractic settings, private practice, and various other arenas in the healthcare field.  Graduates will be awarded a Certificate of Completion and will be qualified to take the National Certification Examination and/or the Washington State Examination. The following information describes the schedules of coursework at AiCM in Post Falls, Idaho, and lists the start dates for instruction as well as the tuition costs.  All training for the courses below is completed at an approved AiCM facility. Dates, times, and tuition amounts are subject to change, therefore call the AiCM school office at 208.773.5890 for up-to-date information


Open House January 8, 2013 @ 6:00pm

Program Schedule:

Tuition: $7,500.00 plus $100.00 registration fee

January 22, 2013 Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday  

1:30 - 4:30pm

Subject to enrollment

The Massage Therapist Certification course is approximately 16 months long and consists of 3-hour classes which are held 3 days a week with one weekend per month. Day and night classes are based on enrollment and room availability. Tuition pays for books, oil holster, student clinic scrub tops and supplies, national exam testing fee as well as the student’s choice of a massage table or chair, which they receive upon program completion.

Program Coursework: Total of 1025 Hours

304 Hours Advanced Theory & Practice
220 Hours Supervised Student Clinic/Lab
140 Hours Anatomy/Physiology
140 Hours Kinesiology (Musculoskeletal Anatomy)
131 Hours Business Law & Ethics
  70 Hours Pathology
  20 Hours First Aid/CPR/HIV